I’m a 25 year old physical therapist currently living in Colorado. I’m past my early twenties and although I feel like at this point I should have my life together I rarely have any clue what I’m actually doing. I learn by trying, failing, and trying again until I succeed. I love being outside, spending time with my dog Buddy, working out, and my most favorite activity of all-eating. This blog is a mix of my interests, hobbies, and my random thoughts.

Some things you can look forward to on this blog

  • Food-I love eating so I’ve got lots of posts of recipes
  • Exercise-running, biking, rock climbing, and any other workout that I find fun. I also like to do races likes 5ks and triathlons
  • Buddy-my 2 year old alaskan malamute who is my fluffy life partner and my favorite obsession
  • Music-a lot of my posts will have a song included


This is Buddy, my two year old alaskan malamute. He’s my fluffy life partner and an adorable goof. His tongue is almost never in his mouth and he’s always ready to either play or snuggle. I’m a little obsessed with him so almost every picture I have involves Buddy. Still trying to make “Adventures with Buddy” a thing.

Even though I usually have no idea what I’m doing I’m a firm believer in “fake it till you make it” so don’t worry, I’ve got this.Follow my blog below or follow me on…

Twitter: ClaraW

Instagram: clarawarbritton


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