Bolder Boulder 2016

Pretty much as soon as I moved to Colorado last fall I started hearing about the Bolder Boulder race. I don’t know how it first came up, but I think Tabitha or my mom had mentioned something about it. I was told it’s a huge race on Memorial Day and is supposed to be really fun. After first hearing about it I kept seeing people with various Bolder Boulder shirts around. Sometime early this year my mom and I decided to do the race since it sounded fun. I heard a lot about the race from different people at work, about how there are slip and slides along the course, people handing out beers and bacon, and finishing the course going up a big hill to Folsom Field. Who wouldn’t want to do that race?!

race_1755_photo_37331281The Bolder Boulder is a 10k race that started in 1979 and since then has grown to be a bigger and bigger race. Within a few years they started a wave start and this year had about 100 waves (that’s huge!) for all the racers. This years race and for the past several years has had over 50,000 participants. Before this race I think the biggest race I had done (a triathlon with distances from sprint to ironman) had about 1000 people I think, so this was massive. For being so huge this race was extremely organized. The wave start was smooth and spread everyone out really well that I didn’t have trouble going the pace that I wanted. race_1755_photo_36691140

Along the course there was music (including several live bands), people hanging out on their lawns cheering, passing out beers, Jell-o shots, marshmallows (this was a popular one, but why?!), and even bacon. There were people watching and running in costumes with lots of flag themed clothing (it was Memorial Day after all), tutus, and people dressed as Doritos passing out Doritos. Since this was my first BB I skipped most of the “freebies” along the course, but it was definitely fun to watch and made for an interesting run.


Looking at all these pictures really made me think I need to work on my form, yikes!

Our wave started at 7:39am which was perfect since it was a beautiful morning with lots of sun and even about half way through I was already getting pretty warm. It was a great morning to run and fun to have so many people out even though it was a bit early for a holiday. We made it through the run with no walking breaks and kept our pace really consistent between about 9:30 and 10 min/miles. My mom did great and was a trooper the whole race. The finish is a Folsom Field with a fairly long, steep hill leading up to this. I hadn’t been in the area for a while so I couldn’t remember the hill before the race, but everyone I talked to made it sound pretty rough. In reality I didn’t really think it was all that bad, but we have some way tougher hills on our regular daily route too. Finishing on a hill is definitely never easy though. The finish takes you around the track in Folsom field where you can look to see everyone running on the big screens with a bunch of people in the stands cheering. Right after this you get to go grab your snack bag which is an actual reusable lunch bag with the best snacks I’ve ever gotten from a race (the Little Secrets candy and Way Better chips were my favorite). You can hang out and watch more race finishers stream in and there a race expo right outside of the stadium where you can find even more free stuff. There’s also a pro race after the rest of the racers are finished, but we didn’t stick around since it was still a couple of hours away.


Overall this was the most fun race that I’ve done and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year and hopefully for many more years after.IMG_3605

*All the pictures in this post except for the selfie were downloaded for FREE (hence the logos in the pictures) from photographers for the race which were everywhere. Plus iRewind made race videos, not embedded because I’m too cheap to pay WordPress for premium.


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