Silver Falls

Silver Falls was probably one of my favorite places to go in Oregon. This is where I took pretty much everyone that visited me while I lived there. It was close to Salem and a pretty easy trail with a lot to see. It’s near Sublimity, Oregon which was about a 30 minute drive from Salem. You basically drive through a small town, a bunch of Christmas tree fields (which you might see getting picked up by a helicopter) and then keep driving until you feel like you’re lost in the forest. They have the “trail of ten falls” which is about 7 miles total plus a shorter loop that misses the last few falls and is a couple of miles shorter. The first two times I went I took the shorter loop and then took the full loop the last time I went just before I moved. It’s a beautiful area and the long loop is worth it because this takes you to the North falls which is one of the coolest ones there. The trail is pretty boring at the very end because it’s about a mile without anything you really see. This is how both loops end so no matter what you walk this part. If you’re looking for a great day hike and want to check out a lot of waterfalls (an Oregon classic) this is the perfect place to go. Plus even when there are more people here it’s not nearly as busy as some of the really big falls near Portland (like Multnomah).


This was in late November, the falls were much more intense this time of year compared to earlier in the fall




There are a few falls that you can walk behind, which is fun to have a different view


There are a couple of different parking areas, but the main parking lot and visitor’s center is by the South Falls




North Falls (I think)