When I graduated from PT school I was planning to start out with traveling jobs. This is usually a 3 month contract in a place that has a temporary opening or they’re just having trouble finding a permanent employee. This had been something I had planned to do for a while, but didn’t really know where to start out. Since PT licenses are done by state you have to choose a state you may want to work in, apply and wait to get your license, and then start looking for jobs in that state. Since I didn’t really have a particular state I wanted to look in one of the recruiters I was working with (Kelly Mitchell at the Anders Group, she’s very nice) suggested that I look in Oregon. I checked out the Wikipedia page for Oregon and decided it seemed like a cool place. They are also really fast about processing your application for your license. Seriously, it only took two weeks (and that was because one of my forms got misplaced) vs the two months that it took for my Colorado license. Anyway after that I started looking at jobs in Oregon.

It was a slow process and either I wasn’t interested in the jobs available or they wanted someone who already had experience. Eventually in the end of July I went out to see the area and to do an interview in Portland, which was really where I wanted to live. While I was there I was already set up for a phone interview for a temp job in Salem/Dallas, but since it wasn’t far I decided to change it to an in-person interview. Well the interview in Portland went okay, but it was not somewhere I wanted to work. I kept looking in the area, but still everyone wanted a PT that already had experience. I ended up getting offered the job in Dallas, OR but instead of a temporary position they really wanted to hire be permanently. After thinking about it I realized that I hadn’t really lived in one place for more than 3-4 months in the past 2 years, so I decided to take the job. The job was in Dallas which is a small town about 15 miles outside of Salem.


Little Buddy in our hotel


Trying to take a selfie with Buddy when I moved into my apartment

Since I wasn’t interested in being in that small of a town and also because I only found a few apartments in the area that I could have Buddy (who was 6 months old and already 50lbs at the time) I ended up living in Salem. I moved the end of July and I think started working the next week. I actually ended up living in a hotel for 2 weeks because I hadn’t found my apartment until after I had moved. I feel like I have done similar things a couple of times now where I really didn’t have a place to stay until I was there. Don’t ever do this if you can avoid it. It sucks and living in even a crappy extended stay hotel costs an insane amount of money (again I’ve done this multiple times). Be smarter than me and plan ahead to save yourself a signifiant amount of stress. Anyway it all worked out, I liked my apartment, it was close to a great park that I took Buddy to all the time and Salem really wasn’t too bad of a place.IMG_2813

Oregon is a beautiful state and can be very different based on what part of the state you’re in. I lived in Oregon for just over a year, but I really tried to explore a lot of places and have some new experiences while I was there. I’m going to have a few posts highlighting different places in Oregon because it is definitely too much for one post. More to come.


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