So I knew it had been a while since I had posted on my blog and even longer since I’ve posted consistently, but OMG I honestly had no clue that it had been two years since I’ve really used my site. I always feel like time is going by fast, but this definitely proves how fast things go by.


Blame Buddy for my absence

Since most of my last posts I’ve moved a few times, graduated, and had a couple of different jobs. I’m currently living in Colorado after moving from Oregon back in September. I left my first ever physical therapist job in Dallas, Oregon to move to Broomfield, Colorado to be closer to my family. This move meant moving back home to live with my Mom and my little sister so this has really been helpful with me continuing to live as an adult child with my mom to take care of me.


Back in Colorado

After taking a couple of months off after my move I started a new job in a PT clinic here in Broomfield. Going out to look for a job was stressful after years of people telling me how hard it is to find jobs in this area. I looked up PT clinics nearby, stopped by and dropped off resumes at four places and ended up with three interviews followed by three job offers. For the record the only place I didn’t get an interview with was in Boulder and they weren’t hiring so maybe if you’re looking in Boulder it really is a little tougher. Besides getting paid less (apparently Oregon is the place to be if you want to make money and have low rent) I really like my job. It’s just a couple of miles from home and everyone I work with is great.

It’s been very nice having the chance to be near my family and being able to spend time with them. This is the first time since I was 18 that my family has all been in the same place so it’s been a nice change.


Dad’s hats


Colorado is a beautiful place and has great opportunities for almost all of my favorite activities. There are multiple trails that I can run right from my house, climbing gyms (and outdoor climbing) nearby, bike trails galore, plenty of resorts to snowboard within a couple of hours, and even a few places to go paddle boarding this summer. The only thing that’s missing is the beach…


I guess it’s an okay view at Keystone

Even though it’s only been a couple of months coming back to Colorado seems a lot like coming home. Since this is the third time I’ve moved to Colorado maybe that makes it a little bit easier to get used to. Even though I’ve already lived in this state for 9 years previously I’m trying to treat it like a totally new place and checking out all that this state has to offer. Since this side of the mountains is mostly unfamiliar to me this hasn’t been too hard and it’s definitely been fun so far.


My adventure Buddy

Last year was a rough year, but this year I’m looking forward to some improvements and the chance to have new adventures in a new place. IMG_2648