Where Have I Been

Last year was a rough year. It definitely had some high points, but it was year of me mostly having no clue what I was doing or what I was going to do. I also think I had a total of three posts last year…my bad. I still have no clue what I’m doing, but things are at least mostly settled in a routine for the time being. During the last year there have been a lot of changes and I’ve spent time in a bunch of different places.

I started off last year in Houston, Texas. I actually did have a post about this. Overall, this was probably one of the best times of last year for me. I got to avoid the winter by spending January and February in Houston. I got to do an internship at an awesome sports medicine clinic where I met some great people.

Downtown Houston near the aquarium

Downtown Houston near the aquarium

First MMA fight experience. LFC 27 (I think...)

First MMA fight experience. LFC 27 (I think…)

After Houston I was back in Iowa for a short two weeks (actually less because of traveling). After that I headed off to York, Pennsylvania for 8 weeks for my last internship. I can’t say that this was a great time for me. I had just come off of an internship at a place I liked in a cool city. Then I went to a small town, where it still was quite wintery, I lived with a creeper (seriously, I have lived strange places, but this…), I was working at an inpatient rehab (I never wanted to do this, but was there as a requirement), and I was studying daily for my upcoming board exam. These two months were probably the apex of the start of my decline for 2014. I spent most of this time feeling like I didn’t know how to be a therapist and this really culminated at the end of that internship. Maybe I’ll post more on this later, but long story short, things were bad and I was worried I wasn’t going to graduate. It was not a good time and I was so ready to get out of there. I was packed and ready to go and left straight from work as soon as I was done on my last day. Back to the interesting part of this time…

I did go to Pittsburgh for a Penguins game while in PA and it was one of the coolest things ever

I did go to Pittsburgh for a Penguins game while in PA and it was one of the coolest things ever

After York I headed straight out to meet my mom and sister in Washingtion DC since they had flown out so we could do a bit of road tripping. We started out with a couple of days in DC and saw a few things that I had seen when we went a few years back and a couple of new places. 221


Next we headed to Philadelphia where we stayed along Penn’s Landing so there was cool restaurant that we walked to for dinner since it was Mother’s day. The next day I dragged my mom and Anna along a 2 mile walk through random (and sometimes slightly sketchy) streets of Philadelphia to quite possibly the best breakfast place ever.

Peach french toast at Green Eggs Cafe (I would go back to Philly just for this place)

Peach french toast at Green Eggs Cafe (I would go back to Philly just for this place)

Seriously I will probably spend the rest of my life trying to find another place that measures up (I found one that comes close in Salem). Perfect way to start the day and worth the walk. Then we made our way over to Independence Hall and to see the Liberty Bell. I feel like any time you’re traveling around the East coast a lot of the sight seeing involves historical monuments, which I don’t mind because I’ve always liked those types of things. 279



Next up was New York City. We stayed in New Jersey where I had stayed a few weeks before when I had met a friend in NYC for my birthday weekend. My dad had reserved all of our hotels the rest of the trip and put us up and a bunch of super nice places. I chose this one and he laughed at me cause we were in a pretty cheap hotel, but still safe and in a very convenient location. Since I had just been there a few weeks before I was fortunate enough to know how to get around. I had it down how to take the train in to the city and did pretty well navigating the subway as well (no wrong lines or stops through the whole trip!). Of course we did all the NYC musts; Times Square, Broadway (Lion King!), and the Statue of Liberty. This was a great part of the trip and it was fun to be there with my family.



Boston was next. I somehow managed to navigate us through those tiny little streets in the middle of Boston. We did’t spend much time in Boston and I can’t say that day was one of the best for me (again related to possibly failing school and not graduation). We did check out the Freedom Trail and got to explore Boston a little bit.


Oh and there was a ship! USS Constitution



Old North Church


After lots of driving-the tiny East coast states are fun to drive through, but then we had to go horizontally across New York-we were on our way to Niagara Falls. It was pretty cold that day, but we were commiteed to seeing the falls. We had to stay on the US side since I was the only one with a passport and didn’t even have it with me. We took the Maid of the Mist tour which is really an understatement. It’s more hurricane than mist. There was still snow near the base of the falls so that’s how cold it was. It was really cool to see the falls and we mostly stayed dry (thank God for those silly ponchos). Also me and my mom attempted to re-create an old picture…it was probably much easier to hold a toddler me than adult me, but she did pretty good. We were going to stay till the fireworks that night, but that was hours away and since this was getting towards the end of our trip we were all pretty worn out. We left Niagara, which, by the way is not really a great town. Tip: go to the Canadian side of stay right at the Falls. We drove to Cleveland, I think, to start making our way home.



On the way home we made a side trip to Ubly, Michigan where I had found a malamute breeder. We were going to try to stop to see some family along the trip, but we were in a rush and they happened to be busy. We went and I got to choose my puppy. I was originally set on another puppy, but once I saw my Buddy I was conflicted. I finally made a choice and he was officially mine. For the first time since I bought my car I let someone else drive it, my mom, so I could cuddle my little bear. I don’t think I have ever been so excited and happy.



His tongue is still always sticking out



After lots and lots of driving we finally made it back to Iowa! I spent the next three months there while I was somewhat looking for a job. At the end of July I went out to Portland, Oregon for a couple of job interviews.IMG_1885

Within a couple of weeks I was moving out to Oregon. I took a job in Dallas, Oregon and moved to Salem (about 30 minutes away). I’ll have more updates about this to come. So that’s where I am for now, checking out Salem and the rest of Oregon. More updates to come!

Buddy in our apartment in Salem the day I moved in

Buddy in our apartment in Salem the day I moved in