CI 4 First Week

This last week was the first of my fourth and final clinical internship. I’m working at an inpatient hospital as part of my requirement for an internship in a neuro setting. The clinic is in York, Pennsylvania so this is my first time being out East, which I’m pretty excited about.

I got to York just over a week ago and up until the day I got here I didn’t actually know where I was going to be living. They had sent me a packet of information for this clinical several weeks ago while I was still in Houston. Since I was pretty busy in Houston I was way behind on getting things set up for this internship. There were a few people that offered housing through the clinic, but they were either unable to take someone or not exactly ideal for a studying environment. So when those options didn’t work out my next best option was to turn to craigslist. It’s a little bit scary to look on craigslist to try to find a place to live in a town you’ve never been to. Of course when I started looking one of the very first ads I came across was an old man looking for a “female friend to share a house with, you wouldn’t even have to pay rent”. This was very appealing since I’m trying to save money this time around after breaking the bank living in a hotel in Houston, but it was just a little too skeevy for me. I found a couple of options, but needed to see the place and meet with person before committing to it. I wasn’t way too worried about things working out until the day or two before I was leaving. I really realized how nervous it was making me when I couldn’t sleep at all the night before I got to York. Apparently my brain is good at shutting out anxiety, but eventually my body catches up and reminds me that I should probably be freaking out. Anyway I got to town and everything worked out and I was so happy to officially not be homeless in Pennsylvania.

I'm not living in a box!

I’m not living in a box!

Pennsylvania is now the 8th state that I’ve lived in; I’ve got the midwestern states covered with Michigan, Indiana, and Iowa. The west (ish) with Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona, and Texas takes it for the south. As much as I’ve liked (most) of the other places that I’ve lived, I’m really excited to finally be in the eastern part of the country. One great thing is small the states are; when I drive west I spend an entire day driving through Nebraska or Kansas. Coming here I was in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio all in one day. York is also really close to a lot of cool places that I want to visit; 4 hours to Pittsburgh, 2 to Philadelphia, 3 to NYC, 2 to Washington DC, and only 45 minutes to Baltimore. Even though I know I’ll be busy my next few weeks here I definitely have a lot of places that I want to get to.

Now about this internship…it’s only been one week and I don’t want to be negative this soon, but neuro is not my thing. Rehab in general is not my thing. I didn’t really find neuro that interesting in school and there’s a reason I put this internship off till last. Some people really seem to enjoy being in an inpatient rehab setting, but I don’t think it’s the place for me. One of the big rules of being in inpatient rehab is that each patient has to complete 3 hours of therapy a day, 5 days per week (or 15 hours over 7 days per week), anyway, it’s a lot of therapy. This time is usually divided between physical and occupational therapy, possibly speech therapy for those who need it. This means that most patients are seen in PT for 90 minutes per day. The people that come to rehab are there because they’re not good enough to go home, but probably need more help than they can get in a SNF. Basically what this means is that people are generally at a fairly low physical level. Now what do you think you do with someone who can’t really do a whole lot for 90 minutes a day? Now that’s the trick and honestly I just don’t find it to be that interesting. Also, like I’ve said before I really like using manual therapy, and it just doesn’t really fit in this setting. Overall I think this clinic is a good place to be; it’s part of a larger corporation and they consistently have students so they are very organized and great at setting goals and how to plan to reach them, which is great. I think this will be a good learning experience for me and maybe I’ll end up working in another similar setting at one point, but not everyone is meant to be great at neuro.

Could not get a good first day pic, bad light or blurry and I finally settled for this

Could not get a good first day pic, bad light or blurry and I finally settled for this

Now that my first week is done I only have 7 more weeks of this internship. That means less than 6 weeks until I take my board exam and just under 9 weeks until graduation! I can’t believe how close it’s getting and I’m so excited for it all to be done so I can start my life without any more school!


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