Will there ever be a time when I don’t start with an excuse of why I haven’t updated in forever? Hopefully. When will that be? When this last internship is over and my board exams are done. Is anyone still even reading this because I haven’t posted in months? Probably not. My bad!

Anywho… I spent January and February in Houston, Texas for my third clinical internship. I loved being in Houston and had a great time on my internship there, meeting people, and exploring the city. I had some great experiences in Houston and might even try to get back to Texas one of these days.

Since my internship was the whole reason I was there I’ll start out with that. The place I was working is local to Houston and works mainly in sports medicine. I was really excited to have a chance to work in a sports med setting. A lot of PT clinics will be outpatient ortho/sports medicine, but they actually do mainly ortho. Plenty of therapists are qualified to treat in sports med, but you really have to be able to find the right market to get into to be able to have a lot of sports patients. The clinic I was at was very focused towards sports medicine and that’s mainly what we treated. Lots of volleyball girls and other younger patients in almost every sport (soccer, baseball, football), there were also MMA fighters and football players (like the big, crazy football players). The PT that I worked with and the chiro that was one of the owners were both awesome and I learned a lot of cool things from each of them. They are really good with manual therapy and use it a lot, which I really like because I love using manual therapy.  All the techs and trainers that worked at my clinic were great and it was way fun getting to know them. It was always laid back and a lot of fun to be a work. It had its moments of craziness, but it was a great place to work. I got to work with some awesome patients and really enjoyed getting to know them. I don’t usually get too attached to people that I work with, but I was sad to say goodbye when I left this time.

While I was in Houston  I was lucky enough to have the chance to get to know one of the trainers pretty well and got to hang out with him a lot. He showed me a lot of great things in Houston and even in Dallas. I like to do a lot of things by myself, but it was nice to have a “partner in crime” for a while. Plus he was just generally an awesome guy (as well as being very good looking…). Also by random coincidence, I got to hang out with one of my good friends from college a few times. She was also in the area (just north of Houston) for an internship so we got to meet up a few times while she was there. She is basically the taller, blonde version of me I think. We seriously are scary similar in some ways, except she is way more brilliant than I am. We got to spend the day at the Houston Zoo (I love zoos), go to the aquarium (they had a tiger! Can you tell we like animals?), and went to Galveston to check out the Gulf. She even brought me cupcakes from this great place she had found and they were amazing. I had been scoping out the cupcake scene in Houston so I added those to my list (more on that in the future).

In addition to all of the great people and fun things Houston has, it also has great weather for January-February. I basically got to skip winter while I was there. There were a few days when there was a bit of freezing rain and/or the possibility of snow, so of course everything basically shut down. It was definitely a pain when I went out to my car to go to work and it was coated in ice, but I grabbed my ice scraper from the back of my car and I was on my way. There were some times when the temps were in the 40’s and 50’s and that was considered cold and even I had gotten used to the warmth that I was started to feel a chill when it got that low. The nice weather gave me great opportunities to get outside though. There was a park close to work that I was running at a few days a week and it was so nice to be running outside. I can’t handle running on a treadmill so it was so nice to still be able to run this winter. I just really do not enjoy winter at all so I was happy to mostly miss out on it this year.

I had a great time in Houston and would definitely like to go back sometime, at least to visit again. I actually ended up applying for my PT license in Texas because Colorado was taking too long to get back to me (when they finally emailed me back 6 weeks later they told me to be sure that I got everything to them quickly so they could process it, um is waiting 6 weeks to email me considered “quickly?”). I figured that if I do work as a traveler Texas has lots of big cities so I would probably be able to find a contract job there somewhere.  The girls at work told me Austin has a pretty “hippie” vibe and that I would fit right in (they figured me out so fast). I’ll see what the future brings and see if it takes me back to Texas!


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