Right Back At It Again

Now that I’ve been in Houston for a couple of weeks where it’s way warmer I’ve actually been trying to get back into my regular running habits. My first week here was rough for running. I lifted for the first time in a long time—I never lift, I prefer cardio, but I’m trying to get in more of both—and I lifted with a friend that really only lifts. Which basically means that I overdid it and then could barely walk for the next few days.  Of course the next day was beautiful out and since I didn’t want to waste the opportunity, I went out and ran anyway. My hamstrings responded with something along the lines of “What do you think you’re trying to do?!” It was a rough run and I only managed to get in two miles total with a lot of walking happening trying to finish my second mile. For the next few days I tried to stretch out the best that I could and kept trying to do some running even though it was way slow and short distances. My legs started to recover over the weekend and I ran four miles on Monday with only a short walk midway through. Tuesday I ran again and my legs finally seemed to feel mostly normal. It felt rough towards the end, but I finished back at my usual 3.5 miles and at a pretty average pace for me. I never thought that I would be so happy just to get back to where I was before, but it was a nice accomplishment. I did the same run in about the same time for the rest of the week, only taking off my normal days on Thursday and then today. Saturdays are usually a longer run day, but for now I decided to stick with just the 3.5. Partially because it was still a little tough and also because the park I’ve been running at is only 0.7 miles to a loop. Even when it’s beautiful out and there are plenty of people around for a distraction I’m still getting bored by the time I’ve done five laps (which is still infinitely better than the 12 laps to a mile at DMU’s gym). It’s nice to be getting back to normal after a rough month devoid of all but a handful of running days.IMAG2714

The next race I’m thinking about doing is a duathlon; 2 mile run-15 mile bike-2 mile run so I think I need to work more on my speed than distance for now. I also want to try to start upping my mileage though because after my Dad did his marathon now I’m starting to think that I at least need to do a half. Until I find a half that I’m really interested in though I think I’ll stick to the 5k’s and triathlons.

Lifting is my other goal currently; I’ve been more on the cardio side of things and just kind of screwing around with weights for a while. I’m reasonably strong with some upper body and back already because of climbing, but I really want to work on progressing my climbing and really doing some training for that so I think I need to get a little more serious on the weights. It’s not my favorite thing since I usually get bored with it quickly, but I think it will start to pay off if I can find the motivation to commit more to it. I don’t want to stay “average” in what I do and I think changing things up a bit will be a step in the right direction for progression. I’m trying to push myself to actually do more and be better rather than just think “wow, that would be really cool to be really good at that”. I want to actually be that good and it’s time to start putting in the time and the effort to achieve those goals.

Motivation from A Day to Remember


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