Senior x 3 Pictures

Since this is my third and final year of grad school it’s kind of like being a senior all over again for the third time. After I left Flagstaff I was back in Colorado for a few days and had a chance to spend a couple of days in Boulder with Donny and Tabitha. I hadn’t seen them since December and since everyone else in GJ was busy with school and work it gave me some extra time to spend in Boulder. Last year they had done some awesome pictures for me, and my mom had suggested that I see if they would do more this year. Of course they’re fantastic and they did. We went out in the morning when it was actually pretty nice out, a little bit cloudy so it wasn’t crazy hot. First we went to this cool bike park that was great for pictures.Clara-1

I'm a winner!

I’m a winner!



Then made our way downtown for a few more. Since there were a bunch of people down on Pearl Street, probably because it was CU’s move in week, I almost felt like a had an audience, only slightly awkward.Clara-19 I seriously felt like I was getting my senior pictures taken, I just wanted to hold up a sign saying “I’m 23!” It obviously wasn’t too awkward for me though because I ended up changing my clothes right in the middle of Pearl Street, no big deal.Clara-22

I love this shirt

I love this shirt

Clara-27To finish up we went down to a park with a creek for the last few pictures.

One of my favorites

One of my favorites

Hard to choose my #1 but I think this is it

Hard to choose my #1 but I think this is it

Was not a pose, but still looks good

Was not a pose, but still looks good

As always Donny took great pictures and Tabitha always knows how to direct perfectly to make me look good, they’re definitely a great photography pair.Clara-37



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