Lake Powell

One of my best friends goes with her family and friends to Lake Powell every year and has tried to get me to go along for the past couple of years but I’ve always been too busy with school to make it out. This year since I was in Flagstaff though which is only a few hours away from Lake Powell so I could finally go! I had never been before and I love being on the water and out in the sun, plus I got to spend the weekend with some great people, so I was super excited. Lake Powell is pretty huge and is actually in Arizona and Utah. Obviously the AZ side near Page would have been closer to me but I was meeting everyone at Hall’s Crossing in Utah. It was about a 5 hour drive to the lake except I hit a construction zone where only one of two lanes was open. I ended up sitting on the road for about 40 minutes. Fortunately it was a nice day so I rolled my windows down and read a book while I waited. I finally was on my way again and eventually got to where I turned on to UT 261. This road literally drives up the side of a cliff on a dirt/gravel road. It made me laugh that this was actually considered a road, only in Utah…IMAG2435

Since I had gotten stuck in construction and gotten there late I managed to miss helping load everything on to the house boat, I got there just in time to relax for the rest of the night. On Friday morning we took the boat out to scout out a place for the houseboast. IMAG2444We found a place and hung out on the beach while the others went back to get the house boat. The rest of the group (altogether about 20 people) got there in the afternoon. We went out tubing for a while with about 10 people on the boat, turns out that can slow you down a bit. So we went out again a little later with 6 of us and this time is was much easier to throw people off the tube. I definitely flew a ways in the air before coming back down in the water a couple of times, I swear tubing is the most painful thing you can do on the water sometimes. We had dinner with everyone and then I was totally worn out already for the night. A bunch of us were sleeping up on the top of the house boat and it was beautiful under the stars. The bad part was that on Friday night there was crazy lightning and wind but fortunately it didn’t rain. It did start to rain the next morning though which sent everyone down into the houseboat. Basically I spent most of the morning going through a cycle of eat, nap, repeat and it was glorious. It did totally clear up in the afternoon though so we went back out on the water for more tubing. I was still worn out from the day before so I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into staying on the tube. Pretty much everytime we hit a bump I just let go, tubing seems so simple but it’s so tough on your body and I wasn’t up to taking the beating. I spent the rest of the day hanging out on the houseboat and working on my tan and more napping and eating.

Also working on not getting burned

Also working on not getting burned

On Sunday some of us were up a little early and since the water was totally calm with almost no wind and there were only a few boats out we decided it was perfect to go out wakeboarding. I’ve only tried wakeboarding once last summer and it had taken a few tries to get up so I was pretty sure my face was going to be hitting the water this time too. This time though I got up out of the water on my first try 2/3 times, the other time I got it on my second try. My first time up they told me to try going out of the wake, crossing the wake can be a little tricky, so I shook my head because I didn’t want to do it. So instead the person driving the boat forced me out of the wake, which I guess was alright cause then I was less worried about doing it on my own. I still ended each time by falling in the water but I had fun playing around and testing out my wakeboarding skills. It’s a lot like snowboarding so I really like it. The rest of the day was spent hanging out on the back of the house boat watching some of the others wake board and tube on the other two boats. We also took the boats back to check out some of the canyon areas which was so pretty. IMAG2448I had to take off Sunday afternoon to get back to Flagstaff to finish my last four days of my internship. For my first time at Lake Powell I had a great time and it was so much fun. It was an amazing way to spend my last weekend before heading out of Flagstaff to make my way back home. That’s a place I would definitely like to spend more time.

I like to stay classy when I'm on a boat

I like to stay classy when I’m on a boat


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