Mountain Man Triathlon

Last Sunday I did my third triathlon, the Mountain Man sprint triathlon at Lake Mary in Flagstaff, Arizona. My third triathlon and again I really hadn’t trained for it. I keep telling myself “I’ll train for the next one”, but I really haven’t quite followed through on that yet. I think I had ridden my bike about 6-7 times total so far this year and I had swam once since my last triathlon in October. I had at least run quite a bit though and have been doing around 10-15 miles per week (most weeks anyway) for the past several months. Fortunately for me this was a relatively flat course so it wasn’t too incredibly hard. I thought the swim was about to kill me but I managed to finish in 26:02 (750m swim).

So happy to get out of the water

So happy to get out of the water

After that I made my way into the transition area and onto my bike, my transition was 3:43 so not too horrible. Got on my bike (I had realized the night before that I had somehow lost my helmet after my last ride and had to borrow one) and I was ready to make up some time. I really hate swimming so I was happy to be on my bike even though I was still trying to recover from the swim. Biking felt good and I managed to stay at a steady pace. Since I take so long in the swim I was basically alone for most of my ride, but I finally started to pass a few people in the last couple of miles.IMG_1199 Finished the 20k ride in 44:40, traded my bike shoes for my Mizunos and started running. I was so tired that as soon as I started running I just wanted to stop but just kept telling myself to keep going. It made it easier once I started to catch up to and pass a few people. Especially when I passed someone in my age group (my goal was to not finish last in my age group). So I kept running and looking at my Garmin I was really surprised by my pace. I was running between a 9:30 and 10 minute mile pace the whole time. I know this is super slow for a lot of people, but for me this is not much slower than my normal 5k pace so I was pretty happy with how I was doing, especially because I felt like a was moving so much slower. I was doing well for the run and in about the last quarter mile I saw two more girls that were in my age group ahead of me. I had been slowly but steadily been catching up to them for a while but I wasn’t sure I would pass them before the finish. Now it’s not like I want to make other people feel bad, honestly I want them to do their best too, but I knew I could finish just a little higher in my group and I wanted to go for it.  I started to speed up just a little bit, I was feeling pretty rough at this point and I knew I was too far to be able to sprint the rest of the way so I just steadily upped my pace so that I could pass just two more girls before I finished. I made it past and I was psyched, especially because I knew I was almost done. I finished my 5k portion of the race in 30:13 (at least I think, my T2 and run time didn’t get posted right).

Almost done!

Almost done!

My total time for the triathlon was 1:47:17 and I was really happy with my time (my last sprint tri was 2:23, I had been about 1:30 faster on the swim but more than 30 minutes slower on the bike and 5 minutes slower on the run last time). This was a faster course beccause it was so flat but I still did much better, especially without much real training. I ended up 6/10 in my age group so I was happy with that. It was also really nice to have David here for my triathlon. He had come to Flagstaff for the weekend and was with me at the race. It was just nice and relaxing to have him with me before and after the race, much better than being on my own. Plus he took pictures which is much better for blogging. IMAG1971

Even though they’re tough and my motivation to train apparently isn’t always the best, I love doing triathlons and I hope to do many more. My goal is to do an Ironman someday and since Boulder is going to be hosting a full Ironman next year I might have my location picked out (probably not next year though). I’ll definitely try to keep fitting triathlons in when I can and maybe one of these days I’ll actually start to train seriously. Until then I just keep having fun and doing my bestIMAG1975


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