Ride Flagstaff

About two weeks ago I went on my first bike ride here in Flagstaff. I live right off of Highway 180 and there are always people biking on it. The hard part is that 180 is super hilly. I went out South on 180 and immediately was going up hill. I made it like 2.5 miles before I had to stop because I was breathing so hard, I wasn’t quite used to the altitude yet. I took a short break though and kept going. After that I paced myself a little bit better and kept my gears nice and low for all the hills. I ended up going out just under 7 miles before turning around to head back. Riding back was much more fun because almost the whole ride back was down hill, so much better than going up. I want to try and ride this route a little bit more to work on my hill climbing. I also want to start working on riding up Snowbowl road. It’s a couple thousand feet up over a few miles (2,000ft and 5 miles from what I looked up) and I’d like to at least try it and work my way up as much as possible.

I also rode my bike downtown which was super nice. It was about a 3 mile ride with just a bit of uphill. Parking is a little crazy downtown so being able to ride was much nicer.IMAG1881

Yesterday I did a nice long ride on Lake Mary Road. This is where my triathlon will be next week. Since the race is in a week and I had only ridden my bike twice since I’ve been here I really needed to get out and ride. I went in the middle of the afternoon but it was a pretty nice day, right around 80 degrees and a little cloudy. It was weird when I was riding because there was a breeze that was part really warm air and part cold air, it was strange but the cold air felt great. I started out near the day use area and headed North for about 5 miles before turning around. It was a little hilly again but nothing too bad. Then I went back past where I started and kept going South (this is more where the race will go). It was a little more climbing going this way but I was still feeling alright and keeping a pretty good pace. Unfortuneately right now that part of the road isn’t completely paved and is just chip sealed so it’s a lot more rough. I went 5 miles out this way also and right when I was finishing that 5 miles I hit a super strong headwind that almost had me stopped even though I was on a slight downhill. Then when I turned around I still mananged to have a head wind, how does that even happen?! My last few miles back my legs still felt about the same (I think I pulled one of my adductors rock climbing the other day, my legs/hips were way tight) and I was breathing okay but I had just started to wear out. I made it back just fine though and had done about 21 miles in a little under 90 minutes. I was really happy with it for only my third ride in the past month.IMAG1947 Afterwards I begrudgingly got in the lake to do a little bit of swimming. Not nearly as enjoyable as my ride but the cold water felt great and it washed off the sweat that had been pouring off of me during my ride. I wish I had been doing better on my training for this triathlon but I think I’ll be able to finish just fine. I always get more motivated after every race so I’m looking forward to it.

You'd think I would be smart enough to put on sunscreen...Nice racerback burn

You’d think I would be smart enough to put on sunscreen…Nice racerback burn



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