First week at FMC

Last Sunday (June 10th) I left Grand Junction and made my way by two lane highways to Flagstaff, Arizona. I hate two lane highways, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much road rage as I did on the 440 mile, 6 hour drive. The speed limit was 65 mph and people thought that they should actually drive that speed, how ridiculous. Obviously I wasn’t about to do that the whole way so I had the fun time of passing people on the two lane road, cause that’s the most fun thing ever…I drove basically through the middle of the desert for hours and then finally made it to Flagstaff. I really couldn’t even tell that I was getting close to Flagstaff until I was actually in town. I stayed in a hotel for the first couple of days that I was in town because the people I was going to be staying with were out of town for a few more days. Checked in to my hotel and then stopped by the house where my other classmate that’s here is staying. The woman that he’s staying with is probably the nicest person ever, she is just so incredibly sweet. I went to stop by to chat and she gave me dinner and cookies, seriously such a nice lady. Monday morning I started my internship at the Flagstaff Medical Center and after wandering for a bit and having no idea where I was going I finally got everything figured out (with a lot of help and directions from a few people). I met my CI and she’s also very nice. She mainly works with ortho/joint patients so that’s what I’ll be doing most of the summer except for the days when I shadow with other PTs. For my first week I got to help out with some little things, writing notes, and even taking the lead a little more with some evals and treatments. Inpatient PT is so much different than outpatient and I really like it. It’s a little crazier and all over the place but I actually like it that way. FMC also does quite a bit with wound care so I got to see some of that my first day and I thought it was really cool. I’ve been interested in wound care for a while so I’m excited to get to see more of it while I’m here. I’m definitely still getting used to things but so far I really like working in acute care and I’m excited for the rest of the summer at FMC and in Flagstaff.skybridge


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