Last Wednesday we went to Pella for the Klompen Classic 5k. This is the first race I’ve done since October and since I’ve barely run outside this year I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. It had been super nice out for a few days before the race but Wednesday was when it had started to get cold again (at least it hadn’t started snowing yet…). I think it was about 50 degrees when we got there and super windy, we were freezing waiting for the race to start. They had switched the route around a little bit from last year which made the start a little bit easier. Since there were close to 2,000 people in the race we started towards the front so we wouldn’t be stuck behind everyone. I definitely was not about to be running a 7 minute mile pace but that’s where we started anyway (sorry?).

We're somewhere in there

We were somewhere in there

Since I didn’t want to get run over I did start out running pretty fast, definitely faster than my regular super slow pace. After the initial craziness at the start I slowed down a bit and ended up with a 9:04 minute first mile (I know it’s slow, but for me it’s pretty good). The next mile was a little rough mostly because the route went down a street that was paved mostly with brick. Turns out running on an uneven brick road makes you feel like you’re about to sprain your ankle with every stride, not the most fun. That 2nd mile was a little bit slower, probably not just the brick but I don’t think it helped. The last mile actually felt pretty good for me, even with a couple small hills I still sped back up just a bit (like a 9:55 I think, I haven’t downloaded my Garmin yet). I started to pick up my pace for the last quarter mile or so. Last year I think I just about passed out after finishing so I was a little hesitant to speed up too much too early. This time I think I probably could have sped up sooner and could have gotten a new best 5k time, but I ended up finishing in just slightly under 30:12 minutes (current best is 29:29). IMG_1264So basically I’m still super slow but I looked up my time from last year and it’s almost 6 minutes faster (35:59 last year). This year I ended up 38th out of the 116 girls in our division, I’m just slowly working my way up. Even though it was freezing it was a lot of fun and I actually stayed perfectly warm during the run. Pretty great way to start off the race season, now I just have to commit to signing up for that triathlonIMAG1702


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