Day Off

A couple weeks ago I signed up for my first 5k of the year, it’s the Klompen Classic on the 1st. To get myself ready for the race and because I’m still working on my 250 miles, I’ve been trying to up my running for the past week or so. Started out last weekend with my first long (-er) run of the year. I slacked off the day before so to make up for it I decided to try for a 6 mile run that day. I seriously didn’t think I was even going to make it the first couple of miles but it ended up being a pretty great run. I know it was a little bit slower than my pace for my usual 3 mile runs but I don’t know what the actual pace was. I had forgotten to charge my watch so it died before the end of my first mile. Right after our run I went out on a short bike ride, just 6 miles so nothing hard. Sunday we went rock climbing and then Brittney convinced me to go on a bike ride. We rode out about 6 miles and it was really nice until we turned around for the 6 miles back. It didn’t seem too windy going out but on the way back the wind was insane! The ride back was much more painful. The rest of the week I worked mostly on my running (with a little bit of lifting and rock climbing mixed in). Got a tough 5 mile run in on Sunday to finish out the week.

I'd like to point out that the hot pink room with the One Direction posters is not mine. My sister just happens to have a better mirror for selfies (imagine that...)

I try to keep it classy after I run. I’d like to point out that the hot pink room with the One Direction posters is not mine. My sister just happens to have a better mirror for selfies (imagine that…)

Ended up getting 17 miles in for last week, not too shabby. Sundays are usually my day off from running so instead it was back to rock climbing and biking. Except this time it was a 20 mile bike ride, so it still wasn’t exactly a relaxing day. Since the race is on Wednesday I decided today should be my last run before then. Went for 3 miles today and after a long week it was tough. It didn’t help that I had to stop twice, not because of the pain/fatigue but because I was getting assaulted by bugs. First I got one in my eye that I couldn’t get out but at least stopped noticing it. Then I caught another bug straight in my throat and immediately started coughing, that thing would not go either way. It wasn’t till I got home and looked in the mirror again that I found that the bug was, in fact, still in my eye. Got in the shower to de-gross myself and started coughing again, ending up spitting out a bug…awesome…How that thing stayed in there after a bunch of coughing and drinking a full water bottle I have no idea. Now that I feel exhausted I’m so excited to take tomorrow off. Well mostly off anway, I’ll still go rock climbing. And yes I count rock climbing as a workout, if you don’t think so maybe you probably just aren’t trying hard enough. Finally a day off!


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