Every Day is Cardio

The wellness center at DMU is pretty good about setting up different activities for students and faculty. In January they set up the 250 mile club. We could sign up and starting January 1st we could record all of our walking/running miles with a goal of getting to 250 miles by May 31st. Since I had gotten a little out of shape around the end of the year (has it been that long since I’ve blogged?) this was good motivation for me to get back into running. Since January I’ve been trying to be more consistent with my workouts, this is definitely still a struggle. On top of being busy with school sometimes it’s just tough to find the motivation to work out when there are a million other things that I could be doing. Cardio, particularly running, is what I’ve been working on the mostly. I’m trying to get a little more into lifting and some more sculpting/toning workouts but I can never quite commit to what exactly I want to do. Then I just get bored so I usually skip it. Plus running is much more simple, I think it’s harder than lifting for me physically but I don’t have to think much about what to do, I just start running and stop when I’ve done as much as I want to do. Especially since I’m doing this 250 mile challenge and I haven’t exactly been keeping up with it all the time I’m really trying to get my miles in now.

I think I'm up to 144 now, still a long ways to go

I think I’m up to 144 now, still a long ways to go

It was finally nice enough this weekend to run outside, it’s been nice a few days but Saturday was the first day that I took time away from studying to get out for a run. Saturday morning it was already about 55 degrees around 8:30am so I went out to run at Saylorville with my parents. Usually more fun to run with other people and I like running with my parents when I have the chance. I’ve had a cold for the last few days and my run at the gym on Thursday had totally sucked. So I didn’t have a lot of confidence that my run outside was gonna go so great. I hadn’t run outside since November and the trail we were running is pretty hilly. I was thinking that I would make it a mile at best before having to take a break. Ended up running the whole 3 miles! This is our usual distance and even though it was a bit slower pace I was really happy with it for my first run out there this year.

My run also finally gave me the chance to use my new watch and heart rate monitor. My parents had gotten me a Garmin 400 (I think that’s what it is, I’ll check it out and post a bit of a review blog for it) for Christmas and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to put it to use. So far I really like the new watch, way easier to use than my Soleus and it has a lot more functions.

Still working on my running but I feel like I’ve been building up my motivation a little bit more. Especially as it gets nicer outside I just keep thinking about trail running and biking and rock climbing. Plus shorts, tanks tops, bikinis and all the other fun things that come along with summer. Summer…that’s got to be some of the best motivation


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