Music Monday: “Put the Gun Down” by ZZ Ward

I heard this song on The Pulse (XM) the other day and I actually really liked it. For some reason I have a tendency to not like listening to female singers, there are a few that I like but in general any time I hear a female voice on the radio I change the station. That’s actually what I did at first with this song too but my other go-to station was a a commercial or something so I switched back. I was really surprised when I liked the song, especially since it was like a typical pop song or ballad like I usually expect. I listened to the rest of her album Til the Casket Drops and she has a great voice as well as a mix of bluesy rock with a tiny bit of hip-hop sound that I liked a lot, fun to listen to but also kind of relaxing. Definitely worth checking out if you want a little bit of a different sound


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