Yeah, yeah, I’m way behind. I meant to catch up and even get ahead on my blogging over the long Thanksgiving weekend when I was back “home” where there is actually wifi, but I was lazy and didn’t and I’m just now getting around to updating. Anyway, last week for Thanksgiving I had that Thursday and Friday off and fortunately since the schedule at Fit wasn’t too bad in the afternoon on Wednesday I got to leave a bit early so I could actually get to GJ sometime before midnight. The drive wasn’t bad and I made it there in 5 and a half hours (I never went more than 85mph I swear, I just didn’t go much under that either, even when the speed limit was 55,oops?). I even got there early enough that I had time to go hang out with Donny, Tabitha, and Ben over at Ale House; some of my favorite people to be out with. Obviously then it was Thanksgiving, I had thought about running that morning but instead slept in before getting up to start some baking/cooking.

Just getting started

Just getting started

I was making cheese potatoes and since the turkey was occupying the oven I had to come up with a plan b. Lucky for me Roberta has an awesome Pampered Chef casserole dish that you can use in the microwave, I figured it was my only option since usually these potatoes take 2-3 hours to cook and there’s no way that was gonna work. Managed to get them just right after about 45 minutes in the microwave (that’s a guess, I wasn’t actually paying attention to how long I put them in there) and about 15 minutes in the oven after to get the top crispy.

I forgot to take a picture before so here's the way less pretty half-eaten version

I forgot to take a picture before so here’s the way less pretty half-eaten version

Worked out perfect! After those were done I started in on some pumpkin spice cupcakes. I had looked through a few recipes and finally found one that sounded good and they were pretty awesome (I’ll post the recipe sometime).

Pumpkin spice cupcakes

Pumpkin spice cupcakes

So after hours and hours of cooking everyone was there and ready to eat. I think we all took about 20 minutes to be finished. Seriously? Hours of prep for that? But totally worth it.

It all fit with the awesome new countertops, finally!

It all fit with the awesome new countertops, finally!

The one thing I still can’t seem to get right though is the turkey gravy, everyone said it was good but it’s still not up to my standards. Gonna have  to have turkey again soon just so my mom can show me the right way (or maybe it’s just one of those things that my mom will always do better). I got to see a few friends, go running, do some shopping, and finally saw Breaking Dawn part 2 (OMG!) too and had a great Thanksgiving weekend before heading back to Mesquite


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