Music Monday: Punk Goes Pop Volume 5

I absolutely love the Punk Goes Pop cds so when I saw that volume 5 was coming out I was psyched. The new volume came out last Tuesday and has some great covers on it! I think that each volume just keeps getting better and better. I loved volume 4 but I think this might even beat that out. The first track I heard off of Volume 5 was a cover of “Somebody That I Used to Know” done by Mayday Parade and it turned out that this is my favorite off of the album. I’ve listened to Mayday Parade for a fews years now and even though sometimes they get a little too emo for me I still think they have such a good sound.

“Grenade” performed by Memphis May Fire is another great track by another band that I love. 

“Glad You Came” by We Came as Romans is another of my favorites

“Boyfriend” by Issues is a great cover by a band that I hadn’t heard before. It’s more explicit than the original but it’s definitely a good one

“We Found Love” by Forever the Sickest Kids is a cover that I didn’t really expect to like. I’ve liked FTSK for a while now but I’m not really a fan of the original song by Rihanna. FTSK does dance so well though that it made this song addictive


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