I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I took my sister to a CMU football game because one of my friends plays. Well it’s my friend Dom that plays, I think he plays defense or something like that…just kidding he definitely plays defense, I at least know that much about football. I’ve know Dom for a couple years now and he’s always been one of the most positive and motivated people that I know. He has this passion that he just puts into everything that he does and I’ve always thought that’s so amazing. I couldn’t ever understand before how he could be so positive, especially because I was so good at being negative. He called me out on my negativity enough that I finally realized that maybe I needed to try out being positive. That positive vibe finally made sense and that’s a change that I really attribute to having such a great friend that was willing to tell me when I was wrong but also didn’t just drop me when I didn’t seem to get it. Dom’s really been there for me so I was happy to have the chance to do the same for him. Football has been huge for him for such a long time and last year and especially this year I know have been tough for him, especially after getting hurt right before this season started. When he asked me for advice on what to do for rehab to get back to playing, I was more than happy to help out. Since this was someone that was such an important person to helping me be more positive it was great to have an opportunity to be that positive influence for him. Today is his last game playing with the Mavericks and I know that’s got to be crazy for him, but I know that his passion and determination will always be with him. I’m absolutely so proud of him for always pushing himself even when life gets rough and I’m so happy I’ve had the privilege of having him as a friend. I’m listening to the CMU vs Adams State game as I’m writing this and imagine that, Dom just sacked the QB. Nice timing. Regardless of how this game ends I’m still proud of you Dom because you’ve always worked so hard and given everything that you’ve got, don’t ever let that go



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