Grand Junction: Weekend Edition

My mom and my sister had been out in Grand Junction for about 2 weeks so my mom could help the Fenskes redo their kitchen. Since I was free last weekend I decided the 430 mile drive was worth it to go out and spend the weekend with them. When I was in undergrad I think I only saw my family 2 or 3 times a year for 3 years but after living at home I was missing them after only 6 weeks so I was really happy to be able to go see at least part of my family for the weekend (my dad was at home working so I just had to call him instead). I only had 2 days there so I had to try and fit in a lot, on top of the fact that they were still working on putting the house back together after the remodel. The kitchen wasn’t quite finished when I was there but it already looked amazing, I’m so excited to go back for Thanksgiving, I’ll cook everything myself with no complaints it’s that awesome!

On Saturday we did some shopping and cleaning. My sister had this awesome/ridiculous wolf hat. She later convinced me to buy a cow hat, it was so ridiculous but I couldn’t help myself, I loved it. I also realized that I may never need to go to Hobby Lobby ever again for scrapbooking stuff, I can just go shopping in Roberta’s craft room. I think I’ve realized that basically everyone in my family is a hoarder, seriously, they’re just organized so it’s sneaky.

To keep up with my sister dates with Anna I decided to see if she wanted to go to a football game with me. I thought I was going to have to bribe her or something but she actually agreed right away. One of my really good friends; we’re basically at matching kitten BFF t-shirt status (Just Friends, anyone?) plays football for CMU and this is his last year. He’s probably the most motivated person I know and has worked really hard this year. I even got to test out my PT skills after he managed to hurt himself (he got back to playing, so I apparently didn’t ruin it). Since it’s his last season I know it means a lot to him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play in all the time that we’ve been friends (I blame my friends in college for not going to more football games, that school needs some spirit). I knew this would be my last chance to see him play so I was excited to go. Plus my sister is possibly the only person that knows less about football than I do so I could actually teach her something about it. The game was fun, it was definitely rough for Mesa, but for playing the #1 team it could have been worse. The worst part was that every time my friend was out on the field and a play didn’t go right all I could think was “ooh, that’s gonna drive him crazy” and it was so stressful!
Even though it was freezing out it was definitely fun and I think one of our most memorable sister dates. By the way, those hats we had came in handy…

CMU Mavericks (basically cows right?) and the CSU Thunder Wolves. Seriously not even on purpose

Sunday we went to church and it’s the same church that we went to when I was younger. It’s so weird to be back there because some of the same people are there so it reminds me of being there years ago but it’s so much different. So many of the friends that I had there I haven’t seen it forever so it brought back a lot of memories, lots of good ones with people there. Funny thing is that my one of the best friends from there that I haven’t talked to in forever texted me later that day! Funny how life works sometimes. Later   me and my mom finally found some time to go trail running. Rustler’s Loop is probably my favorite place to run and I’ve missed running with my mom for the last few weeks. Even though it was about 20 degrees colder in Junction than it was in Mesquite it had finally warmed up that we could be out running in shorts and t-shirts, not bad for the end of October. It was gorgeous out, the sky was clear and the sun was shining. I kept getting an insane cramp in my diaphragm, probably cause we were talking so much, but seriously put me with me mom after 6 weeks away and I’m not gonna shut up even during a run. Otherwise the run felt amazing, it was a huge difference since the last time I had been out there and it was a lot more fun to run with my running buddy again. 

Sunday night my mom made cheesecake and I made lasagna for Treyce’s birthday since it was the next day. It was a great way to end my weekend back at “home” (seriously, I think it will always feel like home there). Then I had to make the long drive back to Mesquite but it was totally worth the weekend.


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