Music Monday: “My Confession” by For Today

I used to listen exclusively to Christian music when I was younger but after I while I realized how limiting that was. I still like a lot of it, but I’ve found a lot of other bands I prefer. I listen to a lot of rock music and something I’ve noticed is that there are quite a few rock bands that are Christian, which I think is pretty cool. This way you can still have a great rock sound but with a more positive outlook. As far as Christian rock bands go (I just keep thinking of the South Park episode…) they vary quite a bit. As I said, a lot of them kind of just stick to a positive message. When it comes to the actual message of Christ, For Today is probably one of the most blatant bands that I’ve heard. I think it’s pretty awesome that they haven’t lost that, I’ve heard other bands that started out more strong in that and then kind of wore down to saying “oh, there are Christian guys in our band, but we’re not a Christian band.” Really not the biggest deal, and in a rock music scene when a lot of the other bands are touring aren’t Christian I’m sure it’s tough, but it seems like kind of a cop out and I think it’s a little sad that more people can’t stand up in their faith. I’ll admit that I’m not any better and that I can be and have been completely pathetic in my life and in my walk with God and not always making the best choices. That’s part of why I love this song, it’s a perfect reminder of all that I believe in and who I’m supposed to be.

After a quick Wikipedia check I found out that they’re from Iowa!



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