I got my cat Pearl when I was 6. My mom had promised that we would get cats that spring and some of our friends that lived kind of out in the country had several kittens out at their house so we went there so me and my brother could get our kittens. I remember that they had a few and I decided on a little black and white kitten, I’m pretty sure she was the one hiding under the car in the garage. Coincidentally, my brother happened to pick out one of her brothers (I think there were 4 in their little, 3 boys and 1 girl). We had our kittens and the next step was naming. My brother somehow came up with Cobra, I don’t know how, but it fits. My friend had named one of the other cats Diamond and wanting something similar I came up with Pearl. On our way home I noticed that in the middle of Pearl’s white tummy she had a little round black spot, just like a black pearl. My cat was my baby, I literally grew up with her. She loved to snuggle (and she was great at it), even at the old cat age of 16 she was still just as feisty and loved to play, and one of her many quirks was that she loved eating pancakes. After 16 and a half years my baby is gone. Since I’ve been in Nevada I wasn’t even there and I so wish that I could have been but I know my family took great care of her. I’m gonna miss her

This was either when I first got her or my first day of school that year. We were both so little

She put up with me messing with her pretty well

Pearl and Cobra


She was such a good cuddle buddy

Pearl with my Dad


She liked to try to study with me too


Best cat I could ever ask for

It was really her chair, everyone else just had to share with her

Not kidding about her liking pancakes

She would basically assault you if you had milk

Such a goober

Trying to “play” with my fish

I’m really gonna miss my Pearl cat








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