On My Own

I have a pretty awesome family so I don’t mind living at home again. I definitely like living on my own though, even in my little studio apartment. I actually feel like an adult (sort of) and it turns out I am actually still capable of taking care of myself (honestly, I don’t mind being totally dependent on my mom to take care of me…haha). I totally miss having my running and biking buddies and bills are something I like to keep in my wallet, not something I like to owe but so far I’m surviving by myself.

Turns out I can still cook and I’m even pretty good at it

Fish and veggies with lemon, yum

Chicken, pasta, and an excessive amount of corn

Chicken and lots of veggies, noticing a trend yet?

And then there’s this

I’m pretty sure that the apartments that I’m in used to be a hotel. Besides the fact that there are some crazy old people living there with me it also has it’s perks, like a pool…

…and a hot tub

New lamp and chair to make it feel like home

Keeping me company


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