Music Monday: “You’re Gonna Love This” by 3OH!3

3OH!3 has been one of my favorite bands for a few years now. Some people aren’t really into their sound but I think they’re fun and different, and trust me, this song sounds amazing on a nice sound system (aka in the CR-V). Out of all the concerts I’ve been to my favorite by far was seeing 3OH!3 at Warped in Denver in 2009. They were the very last band to play that night and even though it had been crazy hot all day it started to rain and then hail almost as soon as they started playing. They played through it for a while but had to cut it short because the storm got so crazy but even still it was absolutely amazing. Between a huge hometown crowd (they’re from Boulder and both guys went to CU), the amazing energy these guys always bring (I’ve seen them 2 other times), and the rain it was an awesome and crazy show. I’ve been to some good shows but that was probably my most memorable.

This is also probably my favorite video of theirs

This song is off their new album Omens which comes out sometime this fall (couldn’t find the actual date).


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