First Week

I was going to do a post on my first day of my internship but since I don’t have internet at my apartment I had to wait till today to come use the wifi at the libray. It sounded like a huge pain to get anything set up (they only have DSL anyway, so lame) I’m going to try to tough it out and survive using my phones 2G network and the library, it hasn’t even been a full week yet and I think it might kill me. Anyway, I started my first physical therapy internship at Fit Physical Therapy in Mesquite, Nevada this Monday.

First day!

I had stopped by the office when I was in town a couple of weeks ago so I wasn’t way too nervous about going in. My first day was a lot like other PT observations that I’ve done, basically just following my CI around and seeing what they were doing. The PT that I’m with actually works 2 and a half days here at the clinic in Mesquite and then the other 2 1/2 days we go to the clinic in Overton, which is an even smaller town about 30 minutes away. Both clinics are pretty relaxed, especially Overton because there’s just 1 PT and 1 tech. On Tuesday I was already starting to get a little bored just watching everything so I asked if I could maybe start doing some things. After that I’ve started working a little bit more with patients on their exercises and some soft tissue mobilization (this is what you call massage to get insurance to pay for it). So far I’ve gotten good feedback from people, only problem? I’m too gentle apparently. Even though I try I’m pretty sure I’m too small and obviously don’t have enough muscle to be very tough on people, guess I need to work out more! I’m working my way up to treating more patients and I even did my first eval on Friday. Made me kind of nervous and felt like I completely blanked as soon as I started but I still figured out what I needed to, gotta start somewhere! 1 week down, only 9 more weeks to go!

Pro by Friday (haha, not even close)


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