Rustler’s Loop

Since I was in Grand Junction this last week and I finally had free time I figured I should probably do some kind of training since my next triathlon is on the 22nd (way too soon). Rustler’s Loop is out near Loma at the Kokopelli trailhead so it’s a bit of a drive to get there but I love that trail. It was weird running by myself and was harder to run than usual (seriously hoping that the 3000 ft elevation difference is a legitimate excuse). I still went out and ran 3 days last week and even though I didn’t feel great running it was beautiful every day that I went out there. It was only around 50 degrees each day I went to run but with the sun I was good in shorts and a tank. This is my favorite trail because it’s only about 3.5 miles, it’s right along the river, and I never see more than a couple people when I run there and even that’s only for a minute when they go by on their bikes. On Wednesday I had forgetten to grab my watch so I took my phone to use the Strava Run app that I have. Since I had my phone I took a bunch of pictures while I was out


My favorite place to stop on this trail, right over the river

Hanging out

So gorgeous

It was great to have a chance to run out here this week and with only 2 weeks left before this tri and was good training time. Gotta kill it for the next week before the race!

I highly recommend NOT watching this video, and most definitely not the whole thing (it’s like 7 minutes long, I haven’t even watched it!) I just took it on my last .5-.75 miles of the trail since I had my phone with me anyway. This means that I took a video with my phone in my hand while running mostly downhill which means the video is super jerky and looks insane. Also the only sound on the video is my crazy breathing and sniffling. But if you absolutely want to get a feel of how my running has been this week then take a look


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