Colorado River Trail

On Tuesday I went for a short run in the morning. It was short because running still felt pretty terrible and I also tried a different trail that day and I didn’t like it all that much. It would have been a lot more fun mountain biking but I left my other bike in Mesquite last week, which I’m definitely regretting now.

Out at Tabeguache, would be a lot better for biking than running but I figured I’d give it a try especially since it’s way closer than going all the way out to Kokopelli

I did go out for a ride though and it was awesome. It was crazy nice outside and I took the Riverfront trail which I don’t think I’ve ever even been on most of it. I was really surprised by how nice the trail is and how far it goes. I thought the trail was pretty short and simple so I had no clue where I was going, I’ve only ever really ridden a small part of it. I ended up taking the trail out towards the opposite side of town and it was great. Besides having to ride through riverside which is a bit sketch it was a great ride. I rode out about 7 miles and stopped to take a few pictures.

Cool sculpture by the river

Taking a break

Trek 1.2

Then I decided to head downtown for a bit cause the trail takes you pretty close anyway. I stopped by Brown Cycles to see if I could get my bike tuned up but when they said it would be a day or 2 I told them I’d drop it off later, no way was I about to walk the 4 miles back to the house. Went over to Gelato Junction for a treat and it was super tasty. I usually get their small size because even that is actually pretty big but I went a little crazy this time and got the “2 scoop” which is actually really more like 4.

Om nom

I got chocolate chip (it was actually some Italian name that I couldn’t say at all) and Palisade peach because that’s always my favorite. It was hard to choose though because they had some awesome flavors. The man that was working was really nice and told me they actually have around 100 different flavors. Hmm I might just have to go back again. Had such a great time just being able to be outside for a few hours and enjoy the amazing fall weather. Had such a great day and now I’m so ready to go ride again



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