I moved into my new apartment that I’ll be in for the next couple of months and so far (was only there for less then 24 hours) I really like it. I had been a little bit nervous about being in Mesquite for 10 weeks, I knew it would be weird to be out of my house and not see my family but I felt ok about it. I’ve moved before so I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. But then I actually got to Mesquite and kind of freaked out. It was like it finally hit me that I was alone there. It’s a small town with lots of casinos and a lot of old people, so uh not really my scene. I already knew this but it finally set in when I was there. It helped after I got moved into my apartment though because it gave me a place to belong, something of my own. I got everything set up and I think I’m gonna like it there. It’s still crazy hot in Mesquite and my apartment has a pool so I definitely have plans of working on my tan while I’m there. I also stopped by the clinic that I’m going to be at and met most of the people there. It’s a super nice clinic and has a lot of cool equipment that I haven’t seen in most other places so I’m pretty excited to be there. Still super nervous about starting though cause I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing but you never know until you try, right? …Right?

Hardest workout I’ve ever done was carrying everything up the stairs to my apartment in the 90 degree heat. It hurt

Drove by KFC right after I got into town. I knew the chicken bowl was happening that night. It made me so happy. Making up for all the times I don’t eat fast food on this trip apparently

And here are some pictures of my apartment, it’s a studio so it’s pretty little but I like it. The only bad part is that it’s kinda like a hotel (it may have been at some point) so the window is along the walk way so you really can’t ever have the curtains open, who needs natural light anyway?


Keeping it classy with the zebra

I brought lots of shoes and textbooks. I only like 1 of those things

Herbal Essences is the way to go

Not just another picture of myself I swear

Closest looks for empty, must have left too much at home

I also had to go get some food and a few things for the apartment so I went to what I’m pretty sure is the only real store in town, Walmart. Seriously there’s no Target, my heart broke a little bit when I found that out. I went shopping at like 8am so basically no one was there, which is really the only way to shop at Walmart. When I went to check out I noticed something very different. Most stores usually have things like candy and magazines at checkout. Not it Mesquite, they have alcohol, lots of alcohol

And yes I was buying hot pockets, you seriously think I’m cooking all the time?

I also found some new containers that I was really excited about. I guess nothing really special about them, I just really love storage containers, don’t really know why

They’re so bright it just makes me happy


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