Utah and Arizona

Last week I went out to Mesquite for a couple of days to get everything set up at my apartment so I wouldn’t have to try to do everything right before starting my clinical. It’s about 430 miles from Grand Junction to Mesquite and it took me about 6 hours. Almost the entire drive is in Utah with like 10 miles in Arizona. Everything looks the same, mountains, rocks, and dirt, that’s about it. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful, but after a couple of hours it’s not quite as impressive. The fact that I had already spent 14 hours driving that week and that I was doing the same drive 2 days in a row (GJ to Mesquite Thursday and then back on Friday) didn’t help. But I made it through and I did think it was kinda cool that I was in 4 different states in 1 day. Good thing I have the CR-V because it’s way more comfy and my music sounds great. Finally broke down and paid for Spotify mobile and it was definitely worth it. Even out in the desert I still had something to entertain me.

It’s hard to tell from this picture (my bad, I was driving at the time…by the way, never do that, totally unsafe) but I had left pretty early in the morning and the sun was still coming out. Since it’s basically the middle of no where you can see for a long ways. The sun along with the clouds made it so part of the landscape was in the light and part was still shaded. All I could think of was The Lion King and “everything the light touches…” Literally made me laugh out loud 

You can see from this picture that there was some construction going on. It was seriously everywhere. There are a couple of speed limit “test sections” in western Utah where the speed limit is 80mph, somehow these were almost completely under construction, I think they did that on purpose to rob me of the joy of driving extra fast without the risk of getting pulled over (well, a lower risk anyway)


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