My first stop in Colorado was Boulder to see my brother and my sister-in-law. After driving for 10 hours it was nice to have a chance to relax for a while, plus they had made some super tasty dinner. On Tuesday Tabitha had taken the day off from subbing so we could hang out for a while and went  shopping (my favorite!). Even found some new pants that I can wear during my clinical and that I actually like (seriously, business casual?). Me and Donny were going to go biking but it had been raining on and off for most of the afternoon. When it wasn’t raining though we had some time to go out to a great park and take some pictures. Most of my pictures are taken at arms length with my phone so I’d asked Donny and Tabitha if they could take some pictures for me since they’re the pros. As always they took some awesome pictures!

(More pictures at the end of this post)

Afterwards we went to dinner at Southern Sun and it was absolutely incredible! I couldn’t believe how good it was. Had the Junk Burger and it was by far the best burger I have ever had, no exagerration. It had bacon, cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms, and this garlic mayo that was soo good (and I usually hate mayo).If you’re ever in Boulder this is definitely a great place to go.

Don’t try to take pictures after the food is at the table

We also went to Ripple which is a local fro yo place. I love fro yo and I feel like I always have a new favorite but this definitely tops all the others. They had Palisade peach yogurt and it was amazing. Some flavors can be a little bland but this one actually tasted like peach, it was awesome. They also hard warm peanut butter sauce (YUM) and warm brownies and cookies. It was so tasty and had some unique toppings and flavors that I haven’t seen at other places. After eating myself into a food coma we went back to the house and I convinced everyone to watch New Girl cause it’s hilarious. Had such a great time in Boulder and I love getting to spend some time with Donny and Tabitha since I don’t get to see them much. But then I was off again and on my way to Grand Junction for a day. On the way I stopped in Silverthorne and it was super nice out. It was a little bit cloudy but it was still nice to get out of the car and walk around for a while. Got to Junction and had time to see Brooke for a bit, have dinner and fro yo (noticing a trend?) with Steve, Roberta, and Treyce, and spend some time in the hot tub before I had to get to bed to I could get up and drive some more in the morning to head to Mesquite. When will the driving end?!

More pictures!!

I’d be a great model

Oh hey

Me and Tabitha, we reverse match

My and my brother! Matching grey shoes, skinny jeans, and similar color shirts, I think we would have been great as twins

Possibly my favorite

Getting serious

Getting significantly less serious

Thought I was going to trip


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