After finishing block 3 I was ready for a break. Usually for me breaks still end up being absolutely crazy but lots of fun and this time seems to be no different. I decided to stay in Iowa for the weekend so I didn’t have to worry about rushing to get out of town and it gave me a little more time to get everything packed and ready for my trip and moving to Mesquite. I hit a few snags during my packing because I am insanely lazy and really just wanted to spend all my time napping.

This was the first bump, my couch is way too comfy

Finally I started getting some things together, my apartment that I’m moving into is furnished so most of what I had to take was clothes. OMG…I have a lot of clothes, this was what it looked like when I was about halfway through

And here was the next bump in the road, instead of packing any of my stuff in the boxes I decided to see if I could fit myself into one of the buckets. First I tried getting in like a turtle shell, it was ridiculous and ineffective. It was easier to just sit in it and I actually fit, slightly less fun. Spent way more time than I should have sitting in a bucket…

I did finally get packed though and was ready to leave on Monday morning. My parents are super nice and my dad let me take his CR-V. My Jeep has about a bajillion miles on it so they didn’t want me driving it all around the western part of the country, especially since lots of that driving is in the middle of nowhere with no cell service.

Me and my baby cat


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