September Sister Date

Every month me and my sister go on a sister date and since I’m gonna be gone for the next few months this one had to be good. So obviously for me this meant Cheesecake Factory, I mean seriously, is there something better than that? Of course we also had to go shopping mostly, well, because I love shopping. I bought some AH-mazing shoes (which will have their own blog post soon) and got more UA running shorts (I just can’t ever have enough). I also randomly met another girl named Clara when we were at DSW. It was pretty exciting for both of us because that almost never happens, it’s kind of an older name. My sister wanted to go to Claire’s while we were in the mall and this is what I ended up doing, trying on lots of ridiculous glasses. That store was ultra tiny and filled with tween girls, it was a little bit terrifying.

Then it was time for dinner and desert. We sat outside cause it was really nice out, I’m loving fall right now. I made her tell me all about her crushes and her tween drama, and there was a lot of it! Wayyyy more than I have going on, it’s a little pathetic when a 12 year old has a more interesting social life than me, ouch! Of course dinner was fantastic and I love taking food pictures

Mmm, Reese’s peanut butter cheesecake

Me and my sister! She’s almost as crazy as I am, almost..



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