I Workout

I finally had a bit of a break from school this weekend (only 2 weeks left!) which meant that I finally had some time to relax and get in some training. Seriously this next triathlon is coming up too fast and I’ve got some serious work to do! Friday I had a little bit of time in between working to get to the climbing gym but didn’t really accomplish much, still stuck on a 5.10 b/c and didn’t really have time to work on anything else. Went for a 5 mile run Saturday morning and it actually felt pretty good. It helped that it was actually really nice out and in the 50’s when we went out, unlike Monday when it was crazy hot and humid and kinda felt like I was running underwater. We’ve been running on the Neal Smith trail near Saylorville Lake because it’s more interesting to run over there even though it means a lot more hills. 

Sunday we went climbing again and I still haven’t finished that stupid 5.10 b/c! I get too tired that I can’t get this one move, I seriously can’t even open my hand enough to grab the hold because my fingers get so stuck. It’s driving me crazy but hopefully I’ll finish it next time. Finished another v2 that I had tried before and messed around on a few more bouldering routes. Right after climbing we went out for a bike ride on the High Trestle Trail. This trail is wide open most of the way and since it’s Iowa the wind is usually crazy and it always seems way worse every time I ride that trail. Today it wasn’t too bad though and the wind was against us on the way out so the ride back was much better. It was the perfect weather for riding and after a while my legs finally loosened up.

It looked much nicer today than this video and we didn’t go all the way out to the bridge (not quite ready for the 52 mile round trip) but we rode out the first 15 miles

Went 30 miles altogether and after we got back I wasn’t completely sure I was gonna be able to move again.

This is what I had the energy for after biking, didn’t think I was actually gonna be able to get back up

Super tired after everything but it feels great and I finally feel like I’m actually getting some real training in.


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