Try, Tri Again

My training had been going pretty well preparing for the University of Okoboji triathlon and after finishing that one I was super motivated to do another one. Within 2 weeks I had already decided what my next triathlon was going to be. I’m going to be in Nevada October to December for my clinical and I found the Pumpkinman triathlon that’s right outside Las Vegas. It’s October 20nd and I decided to do the sprint distance (a little bit shorter than Okoboji). At the time I was pretty confident in my ability to do those distances but in August school got crazy. It was by far the craziest month of the semester and my training started to lag. I had only been running about twice a week and although my running was improving I wasn’t working out nearly as much as I wanted to be. Finally around the end of August things started to ease up a bit and I was ready to get to training again. Didn’t think I was ever gonna finish my first real bike ride I went on since the tri. It was ridiculous! It didn’t help that I had just run a 5k the day before but my legs were killing me and I felt so slow! After that I knew I needed to step things up. Working out is definitely tough sometimes with being busy and it really is just hard work but it makes me feel great and triathlons are something that I really want to be good at so I’ve got some great motivation!


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