Make a Move

I’ve been working on the same climb for a while now. It’s a 5.10 b/c and there’s this pretty reachy part that I just couldn’t get (maybe not quite a dyno, but close at least because I’m short). But I finally finished the move! I was so surprised the first time I got it that I had no idea where the next hold was because I hadn’t really planned on getting any further. I made it most of the way up but couldn’t manage to quite get over the next overhang. I tried a 2nd time and got more solid on the hold but came off again in the same spot. After feeling like my climbing was somehow going downhill for the past couple of weeks I was finally making some good moves and feeling strong again. I was totally worn out after climbing but it felt so good

Setting it up

Finally got past it! Pictures always make things look so much easier than they feel…



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