My first stop in Colorado was Boulder to see my brother and my sister-in-law. After driving for 10 hours it was nice to have a chance to relax for a while, plus they had made some super tasty dinner. On Tuesday Tabitha had taken the day off from subbing so we could hang out for a while and went  shopping (my favorite!). Even found some new pants that I can wear during my clinical and that I actually like (seriously, business casual?). Me and Donny were going to go biking but it had been raining on and off for most of the afternoon. When it wasn’t raining though we had some time to go out to a great park and take some pictures. Most of my pictures are taken at arms length with my phone so I’d asked Donny and Tabitha if they could take some pictures for me since they’re the pros. As always they took some awesome pictures!

(More pictures at the end of this post)

Afterwards we went to dinner at Southern Sun and it was absolutely incredible! I couldn’t believe how good it was. Had the Junk Burger and it was by far the best burger I have ever had, no exagerration. It had bacon, cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms, and this garlic mayo that was soo good (and I usually hate mayo).If you’re ever in Boulder this is definitely a great place to go.

Don’t try to take pictures after the food is at the table

We also went to Ripple which is a local fro yo place. I love fro yo and I feel like I always have a new favorite but this definitely tops all the others. They had Palisade peach yogurt and it was amazing. Some flavors can be a little bland but this one actually tasted like peach, it was awesome. They also hard warm peanut butter sauce (YUM) and warm brownies and cookies. It was so tasty and had some unique toppings and flavors that I haven’t seen at other places. After eating myself into a food coma we went back to the house and I convinced everyone to watch New Girl cause it’s hilarious. Had such a great time in Boulder and I love getting to spend some time with Donny and Tabitha since I don’t get to see them much. But then I was off again and on my way to Grand Junction for a day. On the way I stopped in Silverthorne and it was super nice out. It was a little bit cloudy but it was still nice to get out of the car and walk around for a while. Got to Junction and had time to see Brooke for a bit, have dinner and fro yo (noticing a trend?) with Steve, Roberta, and Treyce, and spend some time in the hot tub before I had to get to bed to I could get up and drive some more in the morning to head to Mesquite. When will the driving end?!

More pictures!!

I’d be a great model

Oh hey

Me and Tabitha, we reverse match

My and my brother! Matching grey shoes, skinny jeans, and similar color shirts, I think we would have been great as twins

Possibly my favorite

Getting serious

Getting significantly less serious

Thought I was going to trip



After finishing block 3 I was ready for a break. Usually for me breaks still end up being absolutely crazy but lots of fun and this time seems to be no different. I decided to stay in Iowa for the weekend so I didn’t have to worry about rushing to get out of town and it gave me a little more time to get everything packed and ready for my trip and moving to Mesquite. I hit a few snags during my packing because I am insanely lazy and really just wanted to spend all my time napping.

This was the first bump, my couch is way too comfy

Finally I started getting some things together, my apartment that I’m moving into is furnished so most of what I had to take was clothes. OMG…I have a lot of clothes, this was what it looked like when I was about halfway through

And here was the next bump in the road, instead of packing any of my stuff in the boxes I decided to see if I could fit myself into one of the buckets. First I tried getting in like a turtle shell, it was ridiculous and ineffective. It was easier to just sit in it and I actually fit, slightly less fun. Spent way more time than I should have sitting in a bucket…

I did finally get packed though and was ready to leave on Monday morning. My parents are super nice and my dad let me take his CR-V. My Jeep has about a bajillion miles on it so they didn’t want me driving it all around the western part of the country, especially since lots of that driving is in the middle of nowhere with no cell service.

Me and my baby cat

[Under Armour]

For some reason my internet isn’t working so I had to mess around with my phone until I could get the mobile hotspot to work (I tried to tether it but it wouldn’t cooperate with me). Anyway because of that, the fact that I should currently be studying, and because I have nothing else to talk about today, this post will be short.

One of my good friends loves Under Armour so every time I saw it it reminded me of her. Then I started liking it and now the Under Armour section at Scheels can be a pretty dangerous place for me. Their shorts are my favorite

I don’t think I’m quite to addiction status yet

September Sister Date

Every month me and my sister go on a sister date and since I’m gonna be gone for the next few months this one had to be good. So obviously for me this meant Cheesecake Factory, I mean seriously, is there something better than that? Of course we also had to go shopping mostly, well, because I love shopping. I bought some AH-mazing shoes (which will have their own blog post soon) and got more UA running shorts (I just can’t ever have enough). I also randomly met another girl named Clara when we were at DSW. It was pretty exciting for both of us because that almost never happens, it’s kind of an older name. My sister wanted to go to Claire’s while we were in the mall and this is what I ended up doing, trying on lots of ridiculous glasses. That store was ultra tiny and filled with tween girls, it was a little bit terrifying.

Then it was time for dinner and desert. We sat outside cause it was really nice out, I’m loving fall right now. I made her tell me all about her crushes and her tween drama, and there was a lot of it! Wayyyy more than I have going on, it’s a little pathetic when a 12 year old has a more interesting social life than me, ouch! Of course dinner was fantastic and I love taking food pictures

Mmm, Reese’s peanut butter cheesecake

Me and my sister! She’s almost as crazy as I am, almost..


Good Day

The other day I had my hair braided and when I got home from school after my test my sister said that I looked like Katniss (read/watch The Hunger Games if you don’t know). Possibly the nicest thing she’s ever said to me

Also that morning when I was driving to school the clouds had this weird split in them that kinda looked like a horizontal lightning bolt, it was pretty odd but looked cool.  Absolutely no idea what it was but it was fun to look at driving down the road

Sunday Night Football

I’ve never been much of a football fan but last year I had kinda started to get more into. I still definitely wouldn’t say I get too serious about it but I can actually handle watching a game and have some idea of what’s going on now. The Broncos played the Steelers on Sunday and since the Broncos have Peyton Manning now I was actually curious enough to watch. Also my dad had started yelling at me to change the channel to the game before it had even started so it was either football or finding something else to do and I was too tired to move. I was still multitasking and trying to work on some small things for school but I can honestly say that I wasn’t completely bored by the game. Never thought that would happen.

I don’t like not having pictures, but this was the best I was capable of at the time. You can almost tell that those are people from this angle…

I Workout

I finally had a bit of a break from school this weekend (only 2 weeks left!) which meant that I finally had some time to relax and get in some training. Seriously this next triathlon is coming up too fast and I’ve got some serious work to do! Friday I had a little bit of time in between working to get to the climbing gym but didn’t really accomplish much, still stuck on a 5.10 b/c and didn’t really have time to work on anything else. Went for a 5 mile run Saturday morning and it actually felt pretty good. It helped that it was actually really nice out and in the 50’s when we went out, unlike Monday when it was crazy hot and humid and kinda felt like I was running underwater. We’ve been running on the Neal Smith trail near Saylorville Lake because it’s more interesting to run over there even though it means a lot more hills. 

Sunday we went climbing again and I still haven’t finished that stupid 5.10 b/c! I get too tired that I can’t get this one move, I seriously can’t even open my hand enough to grab the hold because my fingers get so stuck. It’s driving me crazy but hopefully I’ll finish it next time. Finished another v2 that I had tried before and messed around on a few more bouldering routes. Right after climbing we went out for a bike ride on the High Trestle Trail. This trail is wide open most of the way and since it’s Iowa the wind is usually crazy and it always seems way worse every time I ride that trail. Today it wasn’t too bad though and the wind was against us on the way out so the ride back was much better. It was the perfect weather for riding and after a while my legs finally loosened up.

It looked much nicer today than this video and we didn’t go all the way out to the bridge (not quite ready for the 52 mile round trip) but we rode out the first 15 miles

Went 30 miles altogether and after we got back I wasn’t completely sure I was gonna be able to move again.

This is what I had the energy for after biking, didn’t think I was actually gonna be able to get back up

Super tired after everything but it feels great and I finally feel like I’m actually getting some real training in.

Try, Tri Again

My training had been going pretty well preparing for the University of Okoboji triathlon and after finishing that one I was super motivated to do another one. Within 2 weeks I had already decided what my next triathlon was going to be. I’m going to be in Nevada October to December for my clinical and I found the Pumpkinman triathlon that’s right outside Las Vegas. It’s October 20nd and I decided to do the sprint distance (a little bit shorter than Okoboji). At the time I was pretty confident in my ability to do those distances but in August school got crazy. It was by far the craziest month of the semester and my training started to lag. I had only been running about twice a week and although my running was improving I wasn’t working out nearly as much as I wanted to be. Finally around the end of August things started to ease up a bit and I was ready to get to training again. Didn’t think I was ever gonna finish my first real bike ride I went on since the tri. It was ridiculous! It didn’t help that I had just run a 5k the day before but my legs were killing me and I felt so slow! After that I knew I needed to step things up. Working out is definitely tough sometimes with being busy and it really is just hard work but it makes me feel great and triathlons are something that I really want to be good at so I’ve got some great motivation!

Grease Monkey

There are very few things that I know about cars. I know I like driving them and I really like pretty ones, that’s about it. But the one thing I do know how to do is change the oil in my Jeep and this is something that I am immensely proud of. Seriously how many girls are willing to be roll around under a car getting covered in grease rather than pay someone to do it for them? I guess I just think it’s pretty cool. I’m definitely not great at it, I usually get oil all over myself, burn myself at least 3 times, (seriously wait for the car to cool down, oil filters get freaking hot), and have to stand on the front wheel and bumper just to be able to reach into the engine. It’s definitely not a glamorous skill to have but it’s an interesting one that also happens to save me like $50.