I think I’ve had a few posts about running and the general trend seems to be an increasingly positive view of it mixed in with my lingering dislike for running. This is gonna be similar to that, so my bad if this seems redundant. I’ve really been getting in to running since February and pretty much since I’ve started I’ve progressed pretty well. I was running a couple weeks ago (it’s been a while since I’ve blogged…) as I was running all I could think was “I never thought I’d be doing this.” I’d gone out for a run simply because I was bored and it was actually one of my best runs yet and it felt great. On our 3 miles runs me and my mom have been doing right around 9 minute miles, this is slow for a lot of people but for me this is great! When I started running I was doing 12 minute miles! Last Monday we finished our best 3 mile run yet at 28:41, I’m just happy to finally be breaking 30.

Never thought I’d still be smiling after a run

I also ran the John Deere 5k this past Saturday with my mom and dad and got my best time yet, 29:29!  I wasn’t even feeling good that day is still got a new best time. I’d run well Monday but something was just not working with me on Saturday. I didn’t feel too bad but I could tell I must have been off because my mom kept looking at me and asking if I was ok. But even though I had an off day I still cut more than 5 minutes off my last 5k time (at the Klompen Classic in May I had finished in 34:54). This was a pretty huge improvement and I’m ready to keep getting better; next goal is 25 minutes!

I also need to get better just to keep up with my parents! My dad was 1st and his age group and my mom was 2nd in hers! They’re such rockstars

Music is definitely a powerful motivator for me, one day I started out running to this song and when I looked at my watch I was running around an 8 minute mile pace, bit faster than normal


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