I already blogged about the tri in Okoboji but the rest of the weekend was good enough to have it’s own post (just a little bit behind). After the race we were all starving so we went to pick up some food so we could grill out. Food was great and it was the perfect weather for sitting out on the deckAfter this is was time for a nap. 3 hours later I was awake enough to enjoy being outside again

Once everyone was up we went in to town for a bit, apparently these “nutty bars” are pretty popular (#15 on this list). It was pretty tasty

OMG candy store…

Later we drove out to what seemed like the middle of nowhere to the drive-in

and saw Dark Knight Rises, soo good

Slept great after this and was up the next morning ready to get out on the lake. First time wakeboarding! Took me a couple tries to get out of the water but 3rd times a charm and once I was up it felt just like snowboarding (except leaning back instead of forward). Finally had to stop cause my arms were so tired!

Had so much fun tubing! Pretty much took all I had to hang on, what’s scary is that Britney told me her dad was actually going easy on us…

It was an absolutely amazing weekend, just wish I could do that more often. Maybe someday!


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