Over 4th of July week my family was gone so I was home alone. Apparently when I’m alone I like to bake, I think it’s because when I bake I just like to listen to music and not have anyone else around. I was at work one day and mentioned that I had been baking a lot and might bring something in. My boss hinted (strongly) that I make cupcakes, and also mentioned that strawberry cupcakes with rainbow chip frosting are her favorite. I hadn’t made cupcakes like that before so I thought it would be fun to try something new. I wasn’t about to make my cupcakes using store bought mix and frosting (the horror!) so I started out on Google looking for some recipes. I found this one for the cupcakes and this site had a great recipe for the frosting.

I started out making the chips for my frosting because it had to sit in the refrigerator for a while. Melted some white chocolate chips in the mircowave for about 30 seconds. If you add the food coloring right away the chocolate kind of freezes up and gets a weird consistency, I don’t think it changes the flavor but I didn’t like this so I figured out if you let if sit for about a minute then add the coloring it mixes in just fine and stays smooth.

I did 7 or 8 colors of chips cause I found a bunch of great food coloring dyes that my mom had. Yellow was probably my favorite.

I just spread the melted chocolate on some wax paper before letting it harden in the refrigerator. The top ones are the first that I did where the chocolate seized up which is why they look so dull. The rest I let the chocolate cool before adding the color and it looks much nicer. Maybe took 30 minutes to get solid again, I just made the cupcakes in the meantime

Getting ready

Almost ready to mix

I think it might have been because I added extra strawberries but this batter had kind of a different consistency. A little bit lighter than most other cupcakes

Using an ice cream scoop to fill the cupcake liners is possibly the most brilliant idea ever. Pretty sure my sister got that idea from food network and it’s great

Finished baking!

Then back to the frosting. I was too lazy to spend the time chopping up all the chocolate for I just used a meat hammer instead. Much easier, just noisier 

Rainbow chips (they look like fruity pebbles!)

Then just mix with the frosting

All finished 

These were definitely some good cupcakes. I want to see if I can get a stronger strawberry flavor though, especially since the frosting is so strong that the strawberry didn’t stand out much. I still have some frosting left so I want to try making them again a little different to see if I can get more strawberry flavor


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