New Career?

I think instead of finishing school to be a PT I want to drop out and just become a pro climber/triathlete. I wish! I’m not even close to being good enough in either of those so I’ll just keep going to school for now but I definitely am getting some training in with my free time. Been managing to climb 2 or 3 days a week lately and I love it, climbing just makes me happy

First tried this climb a couple weeks ago but hadn’t finished it

Tried it a couple more times before this but always after climbing a bunch and still couldn’t ever finish it

Fell off this climb from the very top. Realized that I was pretty far from the ground right as I came off the wall, little bit freaky but I landed just fine and then I was actually more confident because then I knew I could fall from the top of the wall with no problem. Finally got it 🙂


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