Friday was our first test of the semester and even with the new format (1 big test every 2 weeks covering everything we’ve done) I managed to pass in each of my classes. Since we got tested over everything we had done that meant I had absolutely nothing to study and I had the whole weekend to do whatever I wanted! I had tons of plans and I managed to do just about everything, I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired by the end of a weekend but it was amazing.

Friday: after my test and work I got to go climb for a few hours with friends and show them some of my moves and it was a blast

Had a mini bonfire at my house and tried out some mint-chocolate marshmallows, those things are amazing on smores!

Saturday: got up early to go for a run, went to yoga in the park and finished right as it started to rain. We had planned to go boating but wasn’t sure it was gonna happen with the weather. Ending up going anyway and had a few hours without rain and had a lot of fun, the sun even came out for like 15 minutes!!

And then it started raining again, it was freezing!

Finished up the night with Orange Leaf (I love fro yo!) and watching Immortals

Sunday: church, sister date, more fro yo (Lemon Tree this time), and went to see Brave. All weekend I was so tired that I just wanted to take a nap but had to many activities planned! By Sunday night I was just ready to sleep but I loved every minute of this weekend

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