The triathlon is coming up in about a month and my training is going pretty well. Ran 5 and a half miles this morning in just over an hour and I’ve been biking about 20 miles averaging about 14 mph. I’m pretty happy with my run and just hoping to get a bit faster biking. I decided to do a little bit of everything today so after our run I went over to Gray’s Lake for yoga in the park. I haven’t done yoga in months because I haven’t had much time so it’s great to get back into it again. I was definitely feeling the tightness from my run before but yoga was great to loosen up. I also rode my bike just a little bit while I was there, just to get from my car to where yoga is because the parking lots get crazy on Saturday mornings. After yoga I went swimming in the lake. I haven’t really swam in I don’t even know how long and I have to be able to swim .6 miles for the tri. Um I might not survive the first part of the race, screw my run/bike training I might not even make it to those stages cause I’m gonna drown in the lake! Seriously though, I only swam for about 15 minutes and I could barely walk getting out of the water. I probably looked drunk cause I could barely stand, couldn’t walk straight, and was stumbling like crazy. So apparently I need to work on swimming a little bit…This has been a pretty fantastic Saturday so far and now I think it’s nap time before I get to studying (or attempting to study)

My spot for yoga, I think was in this same spot almost every time I went last year, I guess I just like that tree or something

This look is achieved by getting up at 6:30am, running, yoga, biking, and swimming (and the great camera skills I have while driving)


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