After what seemed like the semester from hell I finally finished block 2 and my first year of PT school. Our last practical was on Wednesday but since I managed to forget shoes (AGAIN!) I was lucky enough to get to go back and retake part of my practical the next day (this is sarcasm by the way). 2nd time around did the trick and we were finally heading off on our way to Colorado. After driving for 10 hours we made it to Boulder. Friday we did a bit of shopping at the Flat Irons Mall and went down to Pearl Street for some food. I’ve been to Pearl before but I actually got to see everything this time because it was during the day and super nice outside. We stopped by Tee  and Cakes for a treat and then went to Boulder Cafe for some of their amazing happy hour appetizers. To continue my tasty food eating spree, Sarah (one of my old roommates who’s in PT school in Denver) took me to Little Man Ice Cream in Denver (Baileys Chocolate ice cream=amazing!) then we went and played some mini golf. I’m terrible at golf (even the mini kind) but it was still super fun. Break has barely even started and it’s already been great, it just needs to keep going to fit a whole summers worth of good times into 2 weeks before I have to start class again

Mini golf fun!

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