How Could I Forget

I think I might actually be addicted to music; I’m constantly listening to it or have a song stuck in my head. I seriously wake up in the morning with a song stuck in my head, this is okay when it’s a song I like but sometimes a rando sneaks in there and drives me crazy all morning. I’ve been using Spotify a lot because it’s super easy to use on either of my laptops and I can find tons of new music on there. I sort of got stuck in a music rut though and was basically just listening to The Word Alive over and over. I love their music but it was getting excessive so I went back to Pandora for the first time in months and it reminded me of one of my favorite songs ever. It’s a song from A Day to Remember, which I listen to all the time but it’s a song from their older cd that I never listen to. I don’t know how I could forget about this song because it’s one of my all time favorites

“Would it be okay, would it be okay if I took your breath away?”


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