Somebody That I Used to Know

I’ve been blowing this song off for months now. I had seen a bunch of people posting it saying how great it was, but I thought the video looked weird and assumed that the song couldn’t be any good. After finally watching/listening to it I still think the video is kinda odd but the song is amazing. I didn’t finally just break down and listen to it, I was watching Glee this week (love that show) and they did a cover of the song. I liked that version so I finally listened to the original. Both versions sound great but I think I like the Glee version just a little bit better because both of those guys have great voices. Definitely one of my new favorite songs

Here’s the original version from Gotye with Kimbra

The full Glee version

And here’s the clip from Glee, those guys are both pretty so I had to include it


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