Discovery Cove

Hands down the coolest part of my spring break. This place was absolutely amazing; as soon as we got there they had a ton of people telling you where to go so checking in was super easy. Discovery Cove is a little bit pricey but so worth it because everything is included and lots of fun. To make things simple they make you an ID badge to keep track of everything. After checking in I was going straight for the food; I love eating so buffet style can be a dangerous thing around me and it was incredible. I pretty much ate all day anytime I wasn’t in the water. Afterwards we went and grabbed our wetsuits/vests and we ready to go hang out with a dolphin. We were in a group of about 8 people and got to be in the water with the dolphins! I always loved dolphins when I was a kid so this was awesome! After the dolphins we spent a bunch of time swimming around and went snorkeling with the fish and manta rays. I get claustrophobic and panic as soon as my face is in the water and having a bunch of mantas right under me didn’t help (I didn’t want to get stabbed in the heart!) eventually I got over it though and it was fun, still freaked out a little bit any time a manta was near me (some of them were huge!). The whole day was amazing after that we were headed for my aunt and uncle’s condo in Tampa to spend a few days on the beach



Best kiss ever

Dolphin ride!

My and my sis

I’m serious about how much I love food

I think great dance moves must run in the family

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