Spring Break (Intro)

Spring break was a couple of weeks ago and now that I have a bit of a chance to breathe again from school I’m finally posting about my trip! All I had Friday (3/16before break was one test to get through in the morning and I was onto to break. I managed to pass even though it felt like my motivation was at an all time low (turns out it’s gets lower, particularly right after break…). For the first full day of spring break I started and finished the first Hunger Games book, OMG! Loved it! Couldn’t put it down till I was finished. We didn’t leave for Florida until Sunday (3/18) and even though I was psyched to get to Florida, I was absolutely dreading the trip there. I HATE airports and flying. Almost every time I fly anywhere I have about 8 million problems. Turns out this day was no exception, as soon as we got there we found out that the flight was delayed, then it was delayed again. We got our connecting flight in Dallas switched ahead of time but by the time we finally left Des Moines we were still cutting it close. We managed to make it onto our next flight with about 5 minutes to spare. So happy we made it cause I had zero faith that we could, proved me wrong this time. Finally we made it to Orlando and then after a whole bunch more waiting at the airport we finally got to the hotel at about 2am. Good thing because I had been in a bad mood since I stepped in the airport. I feel bad for my family having to deal with me cause I am completely obnoxious and impatient when I’m irritated. Regardless we made it there and now break could really begin. Monday (3/19) it was time for Discovery Cove…


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