Things can’t possibly get any worse…right?

This is something I’ve thought to myself many times before and something I’m sure just about everyone else has thought about at some point too. I feel like I’ve been cycling through feeling like this for the last few days. Spring break was fantastic (blogs coming on that eventually, promise) so automatically after coming down from that isn’t going to be as good. It seemed like things kind of went from great…to okay…to bad…to worse, this is when I started thinking how can things possibly go down from here? I mean when something happens that I actually feel like throwing up because it makes me feel so awful, how could I possibly go farther downhill than that? And I guess I couldn’t cause I was at the bottom already. But you might as well hand me a shovel and help me start digging down cause I feel like I still have farther to fall. It seems like the most random things just keep adding up. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think my life is truly in shambles or anything, this is really just my own venting/pity party, compared to many I’m golden. I’ve got nothing happening that can’t be gotten over eventually. Just one of those times when I feel like all I can do is cry but instead I kind of just end up laughing instead because I start to think I might actually go crazy this time. When you finally get to the other side of things everything that was so hard seems so pointless, but at the time all I can think is “How do I handle all of this? How am I supposed to let it go and get over it?” But everything always seems to work out and I know it will this time too. In truth there really isn’t another option, something works out, just not always how I wanted or expected it to. Time to stop stressing and let it happen how it’s supposed to. I swear my life motto should just be “let it go” because that’s all I ever seem to be able to do

One of my current favorite songs.

“I’ve made the hardest mistakes I need to let them go”



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